Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To the People's Republic of Donetsk and Odessa from New York City

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

As someone from Ukrainian heritage who resides in New York City, a city where the United Nations is headquartered and where decisions about your destinies are being made without either your presence or mine, or the global interest for that matter, the only reasonable thing to do at such a point for the cause of human survival and peace is to bypass all the world capitals and leaders and take this discussion about the future of socialist revolutions to the internet. This being said, it is with great sympathy that I observe the displays of the old soviet flags that hang from the buildings of government offices in Donetsk. After all these are the flags that served as symbols for your parents and grandparents in their victory over fascism in the previous century and also their victory over capitalism for most of that century. The nostalgia for a return to a just and glorious past is understandable, however, do not make the mistake in believing that the only answer lies in calling in Putin for help. President Putin might seem like a good option as an alternative to western capitalism at the moment, but don't you see that this has all been set up in a way so that the choices you have left supposedly are just these 2 options.

There is another route, it might be a long shot but it is important to consider especially for the youth that are leading the revolution in Donetsk. Don't let the western media get away with describing your movement as solely a pro-Moscow and pro-Putin's Russia movement, if the media in the west gets away with describing your movement in this way, then they have already won. Look at the flags you raise and the statues of Lenin in your backyards, those leaders never described themselves by their national borders. Those leaders were international heroes at one time. Unlike our advantages with the internet and social media, all that those leaders had to rely on were mass print newspapers, yet they were still able to establish a new global ideology to challenge the interest of capitalism. Karl Marx lived his whole life without seeing the revolution he spoke of, but that is the sacrifice he made so that you could proudly carry a red flag with a hammer and sickle and have it mean something the world over, something that opposed the traditions of the old world, the traditional power of oppressive authorities in religion and government.

Take your message to the youth of the world, appeal to the west from a socialist perspective. Do not let yourselves be defined by your area of location or national boundaries, that will only lead to war and a small area which you hold now will be slaughtered in a similar way to how the Paris commune was slaughtered by militarists. Russian communism is gone, it has been gone now for a long time and the leaders of your communist parties do not represent this new global generation, do not let the western capitalists define the millennial generation and leave you to embrace the past. Remember communism is supposed to be about the future, make it about the future, give new proclamations about the global ambitions and goals of your republic outside of what Putin expects you say, and see how fast you will get world support for your republic.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

America - A country defined by it's enemies, domestic and foreign.

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

According to President Obama, what defines an American is his freedom of expression, the democratic right to disagree. In some cases this is true, especially for people who exercise their right to express a controversial point of view, but this freedom comes at a high cost to society. The difference between America and most other civilized countries is that in America the norm is itself chaotic. So in America for example, it isn't necessarily the government which has to impose restrictions and define the norm, in America private individuals serve the same functions that in most other societies government serves. On the one hand this allows for the government to not become a target because politicians steer clear of direct contact with the masses, especially when crimes are committed by corporate entities, there is a supposed impartiality that the government has, and Americans really buy into this which is why there are so few anti-government or anti-wall street protests, because whatever is seen as government related is believed to be omnipotent, like a god in a way, there is even a saying in America, that the government always wins, or the house always wins. This is a feudal like system where power is delegated and very few people will see the connection that their troubles stem from the very top as opposed to the local lords/bosses.

What is the meaning of a victory for an American. Unlike in most countries, Americans don't actually have an identity that is unrelated to the interests of the state which at this point is composed of elite corporate and politically sponsored corporate leaders. So for example, you can see someone who is fired and denied food stamps and thrown into the streets in America, become a vocal supporter of whatever the government does, whether it's going to war or passing other policies that oppress the supporter himself. Why is this? because in America, unlike anywhere else, a person is encouraged not to develop their own identity, in fact if they start to question their own attachment to the false idea that success is defined by those in charge of them, then they are deemed mentally ill or a threat and are encouraged to become drugged and commit suicide whether through the drugs or through the medical establishment which is a form of chemical warfare  in many instances. A person who doesn't agree with the idea of a shared destiny for America, for example might be described as a loner or a trouble maker in general and also will be persecuted, this has happened historically and it will happen again which is also why so many people fear to protest as they can see what is coming in the future.

Just as it is encouraged in America to look down on other countries and people's as being inferior to America, it is also encouraged that neighbors should see each other as potential rivals and enemies. This is why there are daily shootings between school kids, family members, and generally between poor people. Even wealthier people who lack any kind of real social fabric or identity and purpose in life, might do drugs and overdose or commit suicide for no other reason then boredom. This boredom stems from the fact that rich people are oppressed by the government because they are forbidden to interfere in domestic political affairs, to better their neighbors condition. This is why you only see wealthy people going through non for profit organizations in order to have contact with regular people in America, yet overseas you can almost regularly see wealthy people help poor people, because then it can be portrayed by the government as religious charity which promotes religion that by extension advances the idea of government omnipotence and the authority of the state which is supposedly blessed by god. In the few cases where we have had celebrities try to directly help their neighbors, they were persecuted by the media and eventually were either killed by doctors or committed suicide such as in the case of Michael Jackson who established several domestic charities and had direct contact with the people he was helping, which is the most important part of actually helping as it takes away the state as the mediator and therefore makes the state look like it is less in comparison to the individual celebrity doing the charity, but more importantly on a personal level it establishes a feeling of a real identity for America because it brings together people without government mediation. Similarly, this is also the reason why the government had to shut down occupy wall street, because it took the government out of the picture as the mediator which meant that it was starting to create an identity for what it means to be an American, outside of what was traditionally defined which is worship of government and corporate authority, ultimately worship of power and wealth as opposed to humanity and humanitarianism. This isn't to say that occupy wall street didn't have it's own problems, but the main reason it was stopped was because of this mediation process, in fact it is hard to believe that Trader Joe's, a grocery chain that celebrates the idea of taking out the middle man from the equation of their food distribution as they grow and sell their own products, is still allowed to do business, but the government will eventually shut them down as well because they want food prices and quality to be determined ultimately by corporate entities that respond to government authority as opposed to a business model that is self sufficient.

We see another example in the case of jury selection of the Cecily McMillan case. No juror wants to be on record as supporting an occupy wall street activist against the police, because the police are a feared entity, but unlike in most countries where people have an identity outside of their profession and their government, just as human beings with convictions in regard to what is just and unjust or right and wrong, in America there is no moral convictions outside of what is permitted by mass acceptability which is established by the government and corporate entities through the mainstream media, whether it is newspapers, television, and soon they will seek to dominate all of the internet as well. This is why you will see people in Europe throw protests and riots over things like keeping college education free, people are willing to put their lives on the line and battle the police because of the convictions they have for their children and their neighbors as human beings. In America no one has an identity or any real convictions that are unrelated to the power of the state or whomever their individual boss is, whatever convictions Americans claim to have, it is all pretend, just there for appearances so that other civilized people believe that Americans are part of the civilized world. In America, people will out of fear say things like, they can't be impartial because they strongly disagreed with Occupy Wall Street. Meanwhile, during occupy wall street when is wasn't yet clear what would happen, those same people might have voiced another point of view.

America is at this point a nation of cowards that worships whoever has the biggest guns. People don't form opinions until government leaders tell them what opinions are considered normal to have. This is why there are so many shootings, because kids are discouraged from voicing their grievances peacefully and are put on medications and oppressed by their own families and teachers if they express any kind of controversial views and so as a way to get the respect and recognition that they never have gotten they commit these shootings. The adults after all only respect this kind of authority as it is expressed in our governments constant drumbeat for war and aggression worldwide. Even when people do have the right to express controversial views, such views are never respected because it is the belief by many that history has written it's final chapter in terms of society and that America represents the best society that earth has ever had, it is openly stated that America is the best of all worlds and will be forever. The conclusion that is hinted at is that anyone who proposes to fix anything is the enemy and should not be listened to.

The only way to change the character of the country is to start the process of allowing for people to embrace and be proud of whatever they believe their identity is, even if it is put down by society as a whole. We now need an identity that is beyond borders, and races, one that can unite the majority of human beings on earth in love towards one another. Only then will this competition of who lives longer, or who has the best car and girlfriend, will be transformed into a competition of who can do the greatest good for others who are the most needy and who don't have any freedoms or  luxuries. This isn't supposed to be a philosophy that only rich people should have privilege to, in fact a small country like Cuba in many ways has just such a philosophy as they send thousands of doctors throughout the poorest areas in Africa and help the neediest of people, they don't do this because of mandates from the government, it is done because it is the right thing and this is the philosophy that will win in the end, but we need to take baby steps in our country, and the first steps are to embrace the people that are stigmatized the most. If this isn't done soon then the government will continue on it's drive towards endless wars that will end in disaster first and foremost for the American people themselves as we will be seen as the one's responsible due to our silence or even worse, complicity.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Vladimir Putin is in serious political trouble in Russia. Putin now poses major threat to American National Security.

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

"Understand as well this is not another Cold War that we’re entering into. After all, unlike the Soviet Union, Russia leads no bloc of nations, no global ideology." President Barack Obama (Brussels Belgium March 26, 2014)

For the first time in American history since the Second World War when the Soviet Union and the United States became allies in the fight against Nazi Germany, a sitting American president made an acknowledgement of something positive with regard to the Soviet Union. In this case though it was a passing reference to a state that no longer exists, yet it is very important to examine the meaning of this statement made by Obama in Brussels and how it relates to our current crisis. When the Soviet Union existed, it might be hard to imagine this situation for the current generation of journalists and writers, but it created a society on a global scale which completely lacked any type of middle class. There was a government safety net from which all citizens shared, and this created somewhat of a vision of a shared destiny for much of the 20th century in the soviet bloc, and to some extent even in the United States on whatever level the ideology of Marxism had penetrated America, which many would argue that it did have a major impact on the spread of atheist ideals and more secular values, It gave the communist party enough legitimacy that when they cracked down on protests most people tended to look the other way, because they saw that in comparison to the society in the United States, the Soviet Union stood in stark contrast as an example of social justice and the pursuit of happiness and equality for mankind as a whole.

The Soviet state did lack some important elements of freedoms, Freedoms for public expression with regard to sexuality including things like published material which included "pornogaphic" images, although there were educational books and historical documents with nude pictures, it was never seen as important for the government to provide a forum for the education and freedom for sexual experimentation. This might have been a major contributor to the downfall of the U.S.S.R. Sexual education with participation of the state must have been implemented as a counter-measure to American so-called freedom of pornography. Then again the belief then was that religion was still deeply rooted in most minds of the people and the government feared to take the risk to defeat the last vestiges of it by implementing live recreational sex as an element of the public education system. 

"Russia's laws today give us the conditions we need for non-governmental and public organisations to work freely and transparently. But we will never accept their being used for destructive purposes."  President Vladimir Putin (Moscow April 7, 2014)
Now we can get to what differentiates America and Russia today. The Russia of today is essentially a glorified version of what Iraq was under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, with the major difference that the leadership of Russia unlike Saddam has access to advanced weaponry and a nuclear arsenal. This is of course why the American public would never support the U.S. government if it openly declared war against Russia as in the case of Iraq. So the groundwork is being laid, Putin's own middle class which has loyalties at this point to the global middle class as represented by the democracy movement led by the United States, can and will turn against him just as many Iraqis couldn't care less about the ouster of Saddam. Remember, Putin came to power as a result of the overthrow of a legitimate ideological and historical political movement known as communism as Barack Obama now himself admitted in Brussels. Putin is not seen as someone who would be worth defending politically, instead he is someone who people obey purely out of fear in Russia. On the other hand while Putin allows for economic freedom and is an oligarch himself, he once stated that his communist party membership card is still in his drawer. Meaning Putin, if his hand is forced, will try to rely more on the alliance of the left, whatever remains of it in Russia. Putin has already been building back some of this alliance, but the problem of course is that there is much bad blood due to oppression by the state in the past as well as the fact that Putin likes his status as leader and wants to maintain his wealth as well, he knows that if he gives his domestic communist supporters too much authority they will seek to eliminate him eventually as well and put him on trial for his role in helping spread capitalism in Russia and so Putin is desperate now to keep the status quo. The problem for Putin is that now the status quo is impossible to keep, because the middle class in Russia through NGO's that were established by America as a way to replace government institutions after the Soviet collapse, identifies their destiny with the west and is no longer seeing how their loyalties lie with the crumbling dictator known as Putin. This is why Putin was forced to release Pussy riot, because unlike during Soviet times, Putin does not have the moral authority of past soviet leaders, instead now the middle class is strong and it identifies more with a music group and would want them to replace Putin with the help of western NGO's. Massive demonstrations in Russia by the middle class with American backing can lead to the kind of situation that has occured in Ukraine, Putin claims that he won't let it happen, but as a regular average despot with no ideoligical movement backing him up he doesn't have the moral authority to stop it, and history has shown that force alone will not work because the soul does not respond to force alone. The greatest danger to humanity is cornering Putin, if Putin is caught in the same position of Yanokovych, who was forced to flee to Russia to save his own life, where will Putin flee? The communists want to kill him, the middle class wants to kill him, the west wants him dead, for a man who has nothing to lose and who commands a nuclear arsenal this can become a very dangerous situation, but dangerous not for his own country who he wants to rally around himself in case of a war, dangerous for regular Americans who will become the political sacrifice for America's entrance into a war which will be made to look like it was initiated by Putin's Russia. 

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guys that don't work, who live with their mothers, should rule the world!

Photo: Teague Clements

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

It is now an admitted fact that the current generation of youth is the first generation since the Second World War to face a major decrease in living standards. Very little acknowledgement has been given to the youth in their struggles, actually older generations make fun of them or mock them claiming that because of the technology that is available today to the youth, they must have it easier then their parents. Yet what we have to recognize is that oppression and liberty comes from two main sources, the first recognized source is under the parents roof, the second source is the government, once the youth leaves the home if he can afford it and has a job and pays taxes. Obama has given some recognition to the problem of youth unemployment by mandating that youth, up to the age of 24 can stay on their parents health plans. This is an increase in the age requirement for youth to stay on as dependents, and it is an underhanded way of the government recognizing that youth currently need their parents longer then in the past due to the economic circumstances and less opportunities that are made available.

Before any kind of paradigm shift can take place, it is important to acknowledge the psychological oppression that continues to re-establish the current paradigm and which sets a path toward a downward spiral that empowers the more oppressive elements in society whether in government or in business in the so-called private sector. Psychological oppression from the older generation in order to re-enforce old attitudes so as to maintain the current order of things, is common and has been for centuries as parents continually glorify things like military service and war for the country or as a respectable option for someone who in a difficult economy might not find work otherwise, or more importantly maintain the cloak of respectability that a family wants to have in their community. It is a self imposed genocide of sorts, which starts out in the home and targets the children, on implied orders from the government. Some families rarely choose a different path, but that is rare and it is something that is considered shameful, especially if a child grows into an adult and continues to live at home, it is seen as something that the youth is to be blamed for, because for the parents it brings shame to the home, and god forbid such shame, it is better that the youth go off to fight in a war for the countries honor, manufactured or not.

If someone has managed to convince their parents that it isn't so bad for them not to have a job and to stay home, or do activism for example to better the world, that someone would be the ideal person to change the world for the better. Changing people's minds when it comes to the future and what society should look like in the 21st century, should start in the home by convincing one's own family. Once a person enters into the workforce and accepts the current structure of society, in a way they give up the idea of change, because they buy into the idea that there is such a thing as normalcy and that the current way of doing things is the right way and the final answer for history. In fact someone who refuses to participate in the rat race as it gets harder and more competitive, should be celebrated by society, but society whether out of fear or shame instead chooses to continue to celebrate people who volunteer to work at fast food places at starvation wages, when in fact such people by doing these things actually bring down the fabric of society, they contribute to the government's and the corporations power to impose a slave type starvation system where it is assumed that a worker doesn't need to have a living space or enough food for a family or even to survive, but instead should just be happy to work all day without any leisure time or sick days. This is the system that the United States and the world had before any kind of workers rights, before the First World War when unions became established and caused better working conditions through workers organizations. Today unions, unlike those days never do any illegal activities because unlike in the early 20th century, today such activities would not be celebrated openly by the public since the government now inspires fear in the public as it has grown far more powerful and dangerous then at anytime in history. No wonder then that older generations are willing to continue to manufacture the old paradigm, because they fear for their lives as they know what the government is capable of. There was a time when all strikes were considered illegal, yet workers did them and sacrificed their lives for them when necessary.

So now it is time for this generation to take a stand, to set an example. In the end as Karl Marx would say, we have nothing to lose but our chains. Except today we must go even beyond Karl Marx because we have a technologically based society where work is not even necessary to produce basic goods and services, many jobs are manufactured simply to maintain the status quo so as not to threaten the established and entrenched order. Technology is suppressed for the purpose of saving slave labor jobs so that people can have a supposed "dignity". This is why the revolution must be led by people who have managed to stay out of this mix and ideology of work and dignity, it should therefore be mainly a pacifist led revolution. There is nothing dignifying about work if it can be done without the workers labor, not to mention the fact that the labor is not even being rewarded properly and only serves to empower the bosses and through their corporate contributions the government and the military industrial complex. Morality must therefore be changed, and this is at the core of the paradigm debate, society must change it's morality and embrace people who are different and non compliant but not in the way that is currently being done through things that are cultural such as people who like weird music or have interesting hair styles, but in a real way that would allow new ideas to flow freely and get the public to change it's psychological perspective on what kind of people should be embraced and celebrated.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bill dE Blasio's parenting class idea and the paradigm shift

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

During the 1960's scientists referred to a paradigm shift as a way to describe how a theory became institutionalized which ultimately led conclusions to be drawn in the hard sciences, there were of course anomalies, but they were small and irrelevant. Today when activists refer to a paradigm shift they are referring to the belief structure in the social sciences, mainly in psychology and sociology and how people should be dealt with by governments and corporate entities on a massive scale. People in our society are viewed as assets, we value people based on their potential to contribute to production and economic activity. Although societal values have changed throughout the ages, the basic paradigm of how a society should be run has remained the same on the state level.

Before the controversy over charter schools erupted, there was some talk by the Mayor's office of providing mandatory parenting courses. This kind of government involvement would have been much more controversial then charter schools, in fact there is no time in human history when such a thing has happened on any official level, getting the state involved in parenting could potentially lead to a paradigm shift. The family is not recognized as a legitimate institution but it is the first institution that human beings are introduced to. For many generations now it has been common wisdom for parents to not show their kids any kind of real affection or love, because as common wisdom would say, this would weaken the kids and leave them unprepared for the harsh world outside of the home. The fact is that the harsh world outside of the home, is not separate from the home, the separation is voluntarily made by citizens who on government order, for the most part learn to oppress their children and then when signs of mental illness are exhibited, the child has no place to go because the home has now become simply an extension of this so-called harsh outside world.

Wealthy families who are not as dependent on the leaders ideas and who can afford to think for themselves sometimes show real love towards their children whether it is through home schooling or other ways, they are also more likely to place more emphasis on creativity as well as have the social stability to ensure an upbringing with less danger from neighbors who are exposed to a more harsh economic reality. This stability that wealth traditionally brought during the 1960's for example when the wealthy would encourage their children to escape the draft and find ways for them to stay out of the war to save their lives, was frowned upon by society because of government propaganda that the regular people were being cheated because of this, no one stopped to think that everyone is cheated when anyone is sent to fight in any kind of war. So now even the children of the wealthy many times find themselves just as psychologically damaged by the lack of love, the love that the government has prohibited families from giving their children for the sake of the smooth functioning of the state. The state has told parents that medication can replace the need for love and attention, in fact there are diseases that have been manufactured in order to justify this medicating and drugging of children which with this generation will lead to early death and diseases called lifestyle diseases across the board.

The good news is that none of these tragic circumstances are set in stone. Even though there has been a severe backlash by the government against liberal parenting and progressive values in the name of not spoiling your kids, the fact is that if kids were spoiled they would be happy and they would not be overdosing, drugging, and binge drinking in record levels. These signs of societal decay on a massive scale prove that there is something more then an anomaly going on, and if social science is to be taken seriously in the future it will have to address the real possibility that what parents have been taught as to what is the role of proper parenting, is completely flawed.

Economic oppression does not have to create a hostile environment in the home, but even if it does, it is the reinforcement of the idea that the problem is with the kids that leads to the self fulfilling prophecy that this problem exists on a scale that it does. Parents can't see their kids as the problem because then they become the problem. The psychologist in his degrading and prescribing harmful drugs is taking the role of an oppressor and this is why the paradigm will shift because eventually it will be impossible to explain away the disruptions through blaming the victims and compounding the problems, eventually people will have to become class conscious because their lives will be at stake, as it is now well known, even if it isn't always acknowledged by the scientific community, that almost all psychological problems eventually manifest themselves physically.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Current crisis between Russia and the U.S. is nothing like the cold war

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

On the day of a very important vote regarding the referendum in Crimea, the mainstream media whether it is in Russia or in the United States will continually parrot a lie, a lie that is being told over and over again in order to keep regular citizens asleep and inactive in politics in general and in the peace movement in particular. When the government says that this is just like the cold war, what they are really saying to their people is, don't worry everything is fine we are responsible leaders and will not let things escalate to the point of a world war where millions more will die then did during the Second World War. So Let's examine the very important differences between the cold war, and today's crisis which is far more dangerous.

The cold war arose out of the victory of the Second World War of two ideologically conflicting world powers. One was the Soviet Union, which represented a paradigm shift for the early 20th century as it implemented enlightenment ideas regarding democracy and economic rights which previously did not exist on a state level. During the Second World War the Soviet Union instituted a militarist version of socialism for expediency in order to win the war, the leaders threw away much of the democratic aspects of the original revolution in 1917, these actions slowly led to the deterioration of the socialist state and instead it slowly being replaced by a more totalitarian version of economic populism.

Ultimately that withered away with time as the government in the capital, Moscow grew corrupt and chose to betray what remained of their own constitution and stated principles of economic equality for the pursuit of a new system based solely on the concept of the worship of power and money, hence the system as expressed in the constitution of the United States. Contrary to popular myth, none of this was inevitable, if for example after the Second World War, the Soviet leadership led by Stalin at the time chose to take an even further approach toward democracy namely, the social aspect and idea of free love or even some forms of polygamy but for it to be equal opportunity for men and women as well as gays, then there would have been a chance for the Soviet system to prove itself more adaptable and democratic then anything in history or the west. Of course that did not happen because leaders don't like to take risks, and Stalin after barely escaping with his life and winning the war, decided to play it safe and attempt to compromise with the west on all fronts and also not to push the envelop on social progress in his own country, which would have been key to allowing the Soviet Union to actually win the cold war.

Government's realize all this, they are not in the dark about this, but of course they cannot come out and explain this kind of version of events to the general public, and so since there is nothing reasonable and non alarmist to compare the current crisis to, they use the cold war because of the similarities on the surface, the main opponents being Russia and the U.S. After the Russian Communists became Oligarchs there were several decades of peace, this peace was manufactured in order to defeat whatever remained of the economic populist ideas still prevalent in Europe and America thanks to the Soviet Union's propagation of such ideas throughout it's existence. Now that the final defeat of economic populism that sprung out of the enlightenment of the early 20th century has been rendered, the people, millions of people some of whom are denied basic economic necessities are only given two options by all governments, the Oligarchs of the west who run the International Monetary Fund and who want to cut social programs even further, or the oligarchs of the east represented by Russia and Putin who run a police state with no social freedoms but who might be a little more lenient in their lending practices if they are obeyed. It is because of the fact that the street is not willing to accept any of these choices anywhere in Europe, that the world powers are once again conspiring and readying to set one group of workers and poor in one country to fight the workers and poor of another country, it is happening now in the Ukraine and it will start happening across the globe very soon since it is the goal of governments to engineer this kind of animosity and violence among friends and neighbors. During the cold war this was not possible because while government leaders exchanged heated rhetoric, western countries were experiencing a rise in living standards for all populations and so therefore no one listened too closely with regard to what their leaders were saying, and if they tried to send anyone to war with a nuclear power people would say they were crazy and would impeach or get rid of them in other ways. Today on the other hand, a large amount of people have become economically desperate and to the governments of Russia, the U.S. , Ukraine and other countries with large amounts of poor people, it has become much easier to manipulate public opinion in favor of war. There are also poor people who are militant and want war as a chance for economic opportunities that arise, hence the popular idea that World War Two is what brought the U.S. out of the great depression, implying that World War Three is what is needed today to solve the current economic crisis.

The Oligarchs are now firmly in control of all major powers, and they want to keep it that way for a long time to come, and so they want a prolonged war that they believe can be managed which would maintain their positions and create opportunities for the poor, opportunities to kill each other that is, and stay out of the way of the economic system of capitalism. The greatest danger now is that not only will lives be lost but civil society will deteriorate to such a point that it will take many decades to recover and rebuild a lasting peace when it is all said and done.  The Oligarchs in the west are currently trying to portray their social progressive values in comparison to Russia, but in reality when a war starts, every progressive right and freedom is threatened because whether the upper class liberals like it or not, no major war is manageable and eventually the tyranny of the majority does prevail, if not economically then the backward ideas of nationalism and totalitarianism which would mean a strict patriarchy that would effect women's right on a major scale, as well as the kind of racial hierarchy advocated by Rand Paul and others who would like to repeal the civil rights act and abolish all the liberal freedoms that were gained during the 1960's and throughout the 20th century in the United States, which were seen as an important aspect to maintain during the cold war as a way to distinguish between the U.S. and Russia, but today in a time of major war and economic depression would no longer be respected by the government as there would not be an incentive to maintain such rights since they could potentially lead to a subversive attitude towards the authorities who send people off to fight endless wars for no reason.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Human tragedy in Crimea and how capitalism turns neighbor against neighbor

Photo: Kenny Vena

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

Watching CNN today and the horrific scenes of women trying to bring food to their husbands being turned away, by some of the Russian personnel only to have other compassionate Russian soldiers defy the popular sentiment and bring the food over to the Ukrainian soldiers, even though just days ago the women were allowed to approach the military installations themselves and hand the food to their loved one's, was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. It would have been unthinkable during Soviet times for a Ukrainian woman to be fighting with a Russian over who is more Russian and who is Ukrainian or to be called a fascist, this division on racial and ethnic lines is created by the cut throat competitive nature of the capitalist system. Imagine if the Ukrainians and Russians are fighting, although luckily there are still enough good compassionate soldiers on both sides who are not falling for the government's leaders bait of setting one group against another, what would happen in a country like the United States if our government loses control or purposefully attempts to put one group against another, it has happened before when we had the Southern slave states. People believe that today it can't happen, but in fact there are many leaders whether they are black nationalists, white supremacists, or religious fundamentalists of all sorts who are waiting for such a time in order to instigate war and violence among friends and neighbors, it happened in Nazi Germany, luckily the people of the Ukraine and Crimea are showing great compassion and restraint towards each other, they have learned from history and they are making their leaders jobs harder, even though they have been exploited by the capitalists for decades now, years of socialist education did pay off and the people are not completely lost and see through for the most part behind their governments and the oligarchs on both sides.

These feelings of animosity are created by the competitive nature of the capitalist system, the idea that one person can only thrive at the expense and exploitation of another, that is what we define as success, and the Russians and eastern Europeans have all become victims of this system since the coup de tate of the early 1990's led by Boris Yeltsin and the U.S. engineered takeover which fostered the creation of the Oligarchy that led to the rise of leaders like Putin. Putin is not a popular leader in Russia, yes now during this crisis his popularity is rising, but that is only because he is defending Russian history and the Russian point of view and so he is getting support from all sides whether they are nationalists or communists.

Putin makes a good argument when it comes to U.S. aggression, the fact is that the new President of the Ukraine was installed by a coup de tate, the agreement that was brokered by the west was not followed and the wishes of most of the protesters in Kiev are being disregarded by the new Ukrainian leadership which instead of addressing the concerns of wealth inequality has been rushing toward a confrontation with Russia and drawing the west and the United States into this confrontation. Faced with these harsh realities it is now up to the protesters in the Maidan to reject all ideas of confrontation over Crimea's decision to declare independence from Ukraine. Even western media outlets are admitting that Crimea referendum is sincere and most residents there want to be part of Russia, yes it is true that Russia invaded illegally, but they did so because the government in the Ukraine came to power illegally as well and so they have a justification until there are democratic elections in the Ukraine which would allow some of the street protesters who are unaffiliated with any political party or business interests to also run for office and have their voices heard. The Russians to their credit made the point that the leaders who took over the Ukrainian government have not allowed any of the street demonstrators to hold any power within the government and so there is nothing that legitimizes this government that the United States claims is somehow democratic and represents the Ukraine.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Putin might Nuke the United States.

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

Before this battle between Russia and the west over Ukraine, much of the worlds political propaganda said that we are living in post history where the economic and social order is permanent with regard to the organization of countries and classes. It was deemed that the oligarchs whether in Russia or the United States are a natural occurrence and an outcome of a god given order, similar to the theory of divine right of kings theory when the world was ruled by monarchies. Even as the enlightenment occurred it took a very long time for the masses to reject the concept of a divine right of a king. Now the progress of the revolutions of the past century, the concept of majoritarianism which arose in France and the concept of Bolshevism is being brushed aside as if it had never occurred, or it is regularly glossed over and called a coup or some kind of anomaly of history in the case of Russia and the population there.

See the thing about the cold war, which is what this current situation is being compared to, is that the political dynamics at play are the exact opposite. During the cold war, the United States was a military aggressor almost in all circumstances, Russia was a secondary power that helped third world leaders fight imperial aggression by the west, accounts of men like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and many others can attest to the fact that when Russia was the Soviet Union and ruled by the Communist Party, it did earn a lot of good will in third world countries and in oppressed communities in the United States. Now, a third world war which has always been the goal of international capital in order to use the workers and poor of one country and incite them to fight the workers and poor of other countries in order to continue the cycle of violence and oppression that is capitalism and imperialism, is something that would be hard to persuade the American public to accept, especially when there was a lot of good will earned during the cold war years when it comes to Russia, currently our foe once again.

There is a great popular T.V. show currently running on FX called the Americans. This show was written by retired C.I.A. agents and they based a lot of it on accurate accounts, even though some of the things were still deemed top secret and so they were left out. However, there was one segment of the show in which the Russian spies discussed their contingency plan of assassinating American leaders and replacing them with Russian spies that were already inside of government. If the KGB had such plans in case of an American coup or collapse, then it is reasonable to assume that the C.I.A. also had such plans in order to protect American interests in case of the Soviet collapse. The Soviet collapse came, and isn't it reasonable to assume that all of the American advisers who micro managed and set up the facade of democracy through elections in order to hoodwink at least part of the public into accepting their democratic post-communist leadership of so-called humanitarian socialists such as Gorbachev and Yeltsin as legitimate, were actually at the same time really laying the groundwork for a KGB/CIA strongman like Putin.

Vladimiar Putin has a shady history, even though he was a member of the KGB and educated and brought up as a communist, the fact is that it is very likely that he was recruited by the CIA while he was in East Germany working as a low level spy. The United States knew that they could never openly call for the collapse of the Soviet Union in order to replace it with someone like Putin who would create a Oligarch dictatorship. This is why they used leaders like Gorbachev and Yeltsin who parroted this false socialism for a future for Russia that was all a scam that would never exist, in essence what the United States taught the Russian communist leadership, was how to become fascist and spout the big lie. This is how the American political system can have a two party structure, because both parties accept the idea of the big lie, meaning to tell the public what it wants to hear at all costs, and then once in power to do the exact opposite or at least try to and see how far they can get away with it before anyone notices.

The problem with getting away with the big lie in our day and age, is that too many people are catching on to it who should not be catching on to it according to the Oligachs and the new kings that rule our planet. When these kinds of circumstances have happened in the past, the kings, in order to detract attention from themselves had launched world wars, they after all can hide in bunkers and palaces while the masses of people suffer and fight it out among themselves.

The Russian people are now being brainwashed by Putin, to accept nationalism as a substitute to Marxism. This is why the Russians never came to the negotiations for this new deal that was brokered with the opposition in the Ukraine. The Russians are now in a position, especially after the Olympics, which is similar to the position Hitler was in during the Olympics in 1936. A nationalistic population that sees aggression by the west against a country that is deemed to have been part of Russia for many centuries, and just as the Germans were brainwashed to accept their right to a preemptive strike, the Russians would be happy and would have the stomach to accept their government's preemptive strike, and the capitalists will have what they want once again, a major third world war on their hands where they can come out looking like heroes as opposed to foes, which is what they look like today due to the capitalist market fluctuating. The goal of a third world war by all major powers would be to cause such destruction that it would create such animosity between all nations and racial groups that a rapprochement for a majoritarian world based on principles of economic equality would be almost impossible for another century, or at least that is their belief.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stop the Violence in Ukraine!

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

As Someone of Ukrainian and Jewish heritage it is imperative to speak out on the current crisis situation. Both sides of my family were Ukrainian Jews from Kiev. They left the country during the 1970's when there was a mass exodus of Jews who were promised better lives in Israel or America by the Reagan administration through non for profit organizations like the New York Association for New Americans (NYANA). I was born in the United States, the last member of my family to leave the Ukraine was in the 1990's. From what I know the Ukrainians for the most part have always identified as Russians, I don't know of any Ukrainians who came to the U.S. in the 1970's who taught their children Ukrainian, they all spoke Russian in the household, in fact I didn't even know there was a Ukrainian language until I found out about it as an adult. Under Soviet rule Ukrainian was taught as a mandatory second language and so it isn't like there was some sort of harsh oppression and conspiracy against Ukrainian culture as the far-right groups like the Svoboda (translated into Freedom Party) would have people of the west believe.

Before yesterday there was an attempt by the majority of the opposition to maintain at least some level of decency, this is why there was a moderate voice coming for public consumption from the famous boxer Vitali Klitchko. In fact during the start of yesterday's violent protests in which it was reported that the protesters started to use real ammunition against the police, Klitchko was meeting with the President of the Ukraine in order to work out a deal with regard to the aid packages from Russia as well as the terms of release for prisoners and others involved in descent. When this far-right led protest decided to use deadly force against the police while their supposed leader was meeting with the other side, they firstly put his life in danger, and secondly they purposefully ended all hope of any kind of real compromise that would be inclusive towards Russia's interests and also that would be beneficial for all Ukrainians.

Now in order to appease the masses who were no doubt agitated by the fact that the authorities responded with deadly force to the openly violent protests, Klitchko who does not want to lose relevance as part of the opposition and be seen as a traitor for even entertaining a meeting with President Yanokovich, has been forced himself to join the far-right agenda and take an uncompromising stand against Russia and eastern Ukraine. We can not make any mistake about this, the western Ukraine who are allowing themselves to be led by far-right extremists, want a situation of war to arise, because fascism can only thrive in violence. They are willing to allow a certain level of freedom in the public squares for the time being in order to hoodwink the grassroots supporters who they have armed. When the time will come and this political party is put into the position of power, these same protesters will not only be disarmed, but they will be eliminated just as Hitler himself did with his strongest supporters that were part of his grassroots brown shirts movement, there is no honor among thieves and murderers, and the promises will be broken just as they were recently broken by Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood  in Egypt where luckily the people were not put asleep completely and were able to oust him, but the military is also divided along political lines in the Ukraine and so it is not a stable secular apolitical organization like it is in Egypt which is why the risk of all out civil war is more likely if this continues. Such a war could drag in Russia and even the United States eventually.

For Russia this crisis in the Ukraine is being viewed in a similar way to how people viewed Russia's assembling nuclear missiles in Cuba 90 miles off the coast of the U.S. American leaders were ready to go to engage in a nuclear conflict, and now Russia is being put in a position where a hostile state will be on it's border and be a constant threat. Russia is no longer a strong political power but militarily it is a state that can do a lot of damage to whoever it decides to fight a war with, it is not wise to go to war with Russia as it would mean massive casualties with an unforeseen conclusion.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Capitalism's psychological dominance and the current stage and development of a modern barbarism

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

It is a rarity when someone who consciously chooses to live outside of the predominant social structure discovers the truth about that social structure and then lives to tell the tale in a socially acceptable way which future generations can then decipher and use. Yet, this is exactly what happened when it comes to the tale of the economic system of early capitalism in Germany and England as told by Karl Marx and his most trusted supporter and philosopher in his own right Fredrich Engels. In fact for someone to understand the true meaning behind the writings of these thinkers of the 19th century, one would first have to in some ways rediscover capitalism for themselves today, in essence re-invent the wheel in their own heads, because just reading what someone thought about in a time that no longer exists, although one might get a general idea of some similarities it would be very difficult to relate personal experiences and therefore, for an average Joe to make a connection in his own mind, or to form a direct link from the past into the future, in fact it is almost impossible since capitalism today is just about unrecognizable since that time, not to mention even 20 years ago as the developments socially and in all other fields are rapid.

Karl Marx predicted that there will come a point in capitalism's development where it will become so completely morally bankrupt that it would cause the entire social fabric of society to collapse. The social fabric of society includes things like morality, family, family values, which stem from religion, which in the past is what held society together like a glue. Marx wrote his manifesto just for such a time, saying that not to fear, the future will be bright once people come to the realization that the crutch of morality and religion are no longer necessary and are actually tools that are used by the ruling class (referred to as the bourgeoisie) in order to suppress a natural inclination that oppressed people have to rebel. There is a natural morality that according to Marx would develop when the resources of this highly advanced society are shared equally and redistributed by a group of men who Marx called the communists of which he counted himself and Engels. Even though Marx was a wrecking force and an undeniable political player in his own time, the fact is that today if one can understand what Marx was describing it can be seen that what he wrote can and will apply more to the United States today then to any other society since his writings, especially when it comes to the sociological/mass psychological control and domination by the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie recognize this as well, which is why the only philosopher you hear attacked daily on several news stations by having undesirable politicians be compared to him, is Karl Marx.

The bourgeoisie of our society especially in the United States even have contingency plans for a communist revolution if it were to happen. The contingency plan is called democracy, there are several organizations in this country, (where no real communist organization or group exists outside of maybe union square park) and political leaders which are officially recognized as communists. This is of course laughable because it would be one thing if these groups had real independent political and military power in parts of the country or the world as was the case for example with the Soviet Union, and then they bargained for more power with the United States from a position of strength as was the case during the Cuban Missile Crisis where both world powers came to a mutual conclusion that benefited both sides. Today the leftist organizations that exist, outside of maybe the Greek Communist Party which has made it's opposition clear when it comes to communists openly collaborating with capitalists for the sake of the expediency in attaining political power within the capitalist framework, have for some reason given up complete hope in a communist idea of revolution and the mental and psychological liberation of the masses. One can't really blame them in a way because accepting this truth could be suicidal as the strength of the capitalists is aided by their psychological control of the masses which is aided by things like mass media, legal and illegal drugs meant to numb the senses so they do not fully experience oppression. In essence the capitalists have won and are only winning because they have been able to cause a complete spiritual death concept within their mass institutions that serve the public. These institutions include schools, military, and any public facility from doctors offices, hospitals...etc. any person who visits such facilities and who is of a lower or middle class bracket will feel the spiritual death of the people there and the institutions themselves but since it is hard to point to the reason for it people tend to think that the attitudes of these institutions are just natural, in fact some people think that it is human nature to be spiritually dead and to have no empathy or compassion towards others and yet the truth is that the exact opposite is the case, as has been proven countless times through studies of tribes in situations far from capitalist civilization.

Marx talked about the people who reminisced about simpler times, in our situation people describe the time after the war in the 1950's. As Marx said during his time, there is no going back to the past, every moment is unique to the present. Our present dictates that the trend is now not toward a model of capitalist thinking, instead it is complete disorientation and barbarism on many levels or in some cases as with the election of progressive politicians with lofty rhetoric, a sign that some of the masses are searching for something. The ideas of morality must change, the youth of today will define the morality and the normal of the future, regardless of how many psychological drugs they are fed. The progress of a new way of thinking can be stalled but it can never be flushed out and the day will come when it will prevail, but until then barbarism will have it's day and it is only reasonable to assume that things will get worse before they get better.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Fart Smeller Movement is about more then just sniffing hot girls butts.

The Butt Sniffer of Union Square from JoeyBoots on Vimeo.

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

It has now been several years since the fart smeller movement first made it's appearance on the public stage. Since this time, we have had several developments in the world and in New York City. Firstly the collapse of Occupy Wall Street as a meaningful political force on the street level in New York City. On the bright side the population of the city has as a whole moved to the left by electing a very liberal Mayor, Bill de Blasio. The topless branch of the feminist movement received a boost in December of 2013 with the celebrity endorsement of Miley Cyrus. Russell Brand a British comedian has come out in a very meaningful way and endorsed the idea of civil disobedience in a very loosely defined version of the term which could apply to many things including the fart smeller movement. Occupy Wall Street, still unable to face it's rejection by the public and the fact that it's ideology of participatory democracy has not inspired massive support by the majority, has been blaming everyone but themselves. In one instance there was even a mention of endorsing a phony regime socialist such as Bernie Sanders in 2016, this could of course bring about another Ralph Nader scenario except this time around the person elected won't be George W. Bush, but maybe someone like Michelle Bachman or another Republican that will surely bring about World War Three and institute slave labor camps without blinking an eye.

The stark contrast between the fart smeller movement and occupy wall street or what one could call extreme liberalism could not be more clear, especially with some of the more recent ideological rants on the www.occupywallst.org website. On the website a recent post written by a zuccotti park occupier basically called for revisiting the same protest model as was attempted in 2011, you would expect something would be learned from the failures of that model, but instead the person blames not himself or the lack of the ability to inspire others, but he blames the nature that capitalism has created in people. Such an intellectual critique of course can only come from someone that puts themselves on a pedestal in comparison to the average man. This is someone who has not given up on the system, and in fact probably wants to go to college and have a family, as he put it a "cradle to grave" environment, and how this is different then the current norm, that is hard to figure but apparently this activist believes his ideas are unique. In fact one of the reasons why American liberalism keeps failing is because of it's contempt for the average man which it claims to love so much and want to reach. Instead of reaching out to this man, the liberals find ways to ignore and blame him, they start to talk about feminism, patriarchy, racism, then before they know it the mainstream of society gets dispersed and everyone is back waving the conservative and democrat flags, and the extreme liberals and the poor homeless people who can't be blamed due to their own oppression wonder what happened and why are they constantly betrayed by these intellectuals who constantly promise to save them and then abandon them and blame them for their own predicament once they are no longer needed to make political points and get in the media.

On the other hand  the fart smeller movement was inspiring to men and women all over the world. It showed people everywhere that nothing should be expected of them, and that the regime wants the working class to blame themselves and put pressure on themselves by begging the ruling class or the liberal occupy wall street crowd for slave jobs. The point of revolution is to reject society's morality, not to embrace it if only it was kinder and gentler. There are several ways in our world today where people reject morality, none have made more impact through peaceful means then the fart smeller movement. So as Russell Brand would say, be different, disobey do not go along to get along. It is up to the individual, but in the end all the people who are different have to unite and create an organization that will be just as strong as the organizations of the capitalists and that would fight just as strongly against all the ideals and morality of all previous ages. That is what the fart smeller movement represented and that is why it is still the future.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Economic Reform is not an option for the United States.

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

In 2008 Tom Cruise starred in a historical political thriller film called Valkyrie. The film depicts a plot by German Army officers near the end of the war, when it became clear that Nazi Germany was facing total defeat by the Soviet Union, to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The assassins had a plan to "reform" Nazi Germany. A reform process eventually took place after the war, it was called the Marshall Plan. The United States carried out this liberal reform movement to prevent the spread of economic revolution, or what we today call communism. The liberal reform plot actually panned out after the war as the U.S. wanted to maintain and continue a Nazi system under the guise of a West German Republic in the case of Germany, the Western German regime was a counter weight to the Soviet Union. The U.S. also recruited many Nazi war criminals under project paper clip to work and prosper in the U.S., which was to be the new sole capitalist empire that would stand up to the spread of communism, a job that was previously delegated to the Nazis, who ultimately betrayed their own cause for the fulfillment of their own riches, as the saying goes there is no honor among thieves. There were concentration camp survivors who after the war expected some kind of change and punishment for the Nazi guards who participated in genocide which encompassed all of society, but instead what they got was the same Nazis who simply changed their uniforms into the new German republic uniforms and called themselves democrats and reformers. Is it a wonder then why so many Jews decided instead to take their chances and move to Israel and fight against the British for a nationalist revolution? Who would want to be guarded in the same concentration camps by the same guards but with new uniforms on. On the other hand it is important to note that the Jews that were liberated on Soviet territory in Eastern Europe remained in the Soviet Union and did not migrate to Israel after the war, proving that revolution and complete annihilation of the Nazi system was necessary in order to make the victims feel vindicated. Even in the most anti-Semitic countries which housed the worst concentration camps such as in Poland's Auschwitz, Ukraine's Janowska, once liberated the victims tended to stay in those countries as they were satisfied with the rightful measures taken by the red army after liberation to punish the criminals that were responsible even one's who were not necessarily just the top of the bunch as in the case of West Germany.

Now to draw a parallel with our current situation in this country, we have a liberal family dynasty called the Clinton's. Yesterday the Clinton's were swearing in Bill de Blasio, while at the same time appearing to re-position their own political agenda towards a more progressive bent, but make no mistakes about it, the Clinton's main goal is to contain any revolutionary situation, and the best way to do that in a city in this country is to appear to be most supportive of it so as to ensure that it does not spread and therefore ultimately be defeated as the case of any revolution that doesn't spread beyond it's original base. If we can agree that the goal of our revolution in this day and age is the total empowerment of the economic disenfranchised who have been victims of what can only be described as a modern version of an economic genocide perpetrated by the rich, then we must not allow the same oppressive apparachiks of the regime to maintain their positions of oppression but under new names and titles and under a new Mayor.

Bill de Blasio will choose what will be the Character of the Revolution

As the new Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio has a unique opportunity to determine the character that the next economic revolution in the United States will take. Unfortunately, there are only two choices. The first choice is the expected choice, critics of his have been claiming that de Blasio's reign will encourage racial tensions and that an economic revolution necessarily has to be of a racial character, of the vision that has been propagated in this country by black nationalists and some others since the 1960's. Some examples of such people include Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, Charles Manson's ideology of Helter Skelter, Lenora Fulani of the Independence Party and Fred Newman of the social therapy after school programs, students of the Schiller institute and followers of the Lyndon LaRouche school of thought. An economic revolution with racial characteristics would ultimately in nature be violent as the architects of such thinking have had decades to brainwash and incite violence in their flocks.

Fortunately human beings have a choice, the flock doesn't have to follow the regimes chosen leaders. We are after all in the 21st century where we have the internet and where new ideas finally have voice thanks to this relatively open medium. We can have a pacifist revolution, a revolution led by women all over the world, the victims of the worst oppression no matter what racial group they are, as well as religious groups and men in general. We have a developing movement like free the nipple, or in the more extreme case the fart smeller movement. We have a radical young beautiful female leader in Miley Cyrus who has openly embraced the idea of economic revolution by embracing and endorsing Occupy Wall Street as shown in her video Liberty Walk, she believes a revolution can be integrated and a part of a female and sexual revolution movement for humanity's freedom. This kind of revolution can preach racial harmony and unity and opposition to the economic elites which under a nationalist economic revolution with racial overtones would maintain their positions and stay influential, is it a wonder that the elites always prefer racial tension and that this is why people expect Bill de Blasio to encourage racial tension. People expect him to do this because they know he will, this is always the way of the established elites of which now de Blasio represents by his clear signal of his collaboration with the agenda of the Clinton Dynasty. Yet, even though all of this has already been set into motion, legally speaking no matter how much he would have liked to deny it as portrayed in Mel Gibson's passion of the Christ, it is The Governor Pontius Pilate who ultimately bears full responsibility for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He was the Governor and he could have chose not to listen to the powerful Jews of the temple, even if they complained to Caesar it would have taken time for him to respond and there was no guarantee that Caesar would side with the leaders of the Jewish community, it would have at the least bought some time for the condemned Christ.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Time is running out for Bill de Blasio, he must take a stand against the inhumane American government or face being treated as a part of it.

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

The recent publicity surrounding de Blasio’s and other Mayors conference with the President at the white house made it clear that contrary to what de Blasio has claimed at the press conference afterwards, President Obama feels he has enough problems on his plate, and would surely not be willing to expand funding to city government’s as was claimed by de Blasio after the meeting. If de Blasio continues to perpetuate this lie that the only way we can solve what can be called today’s equivalent of the holocaust which is being perpetrated against the homeless, and the problem of mental illness and random acts of violence, is to wait for Obama to contribute funds, then de Blasio is a liar just like the rest of this countries politicians. Drastic times must call for drastic measures, the fear that the well-to-do will get scared and move out of the city is completely unwarranted, the one’s that do, will regret it anyway once the city is established as a better government with a more advanced and civilized populace. Sometimes in order to create a better situation a leader must make temporary concessions or sacrifices, a leader who fears this because of potential temporary setbacks is a coward.

This idea that many Democrats have of relying on the Clinton’s to save the day, is ridiculous. What de Blasio and Weiner both had in common as Mayoral candidates was that they were part of the Clinton machine, and therefore advocates of the Clinton dynasty. Yet, look at what happened to the sacred Clinton dynasty in 2008, this idea of a dynasty was completely shattered by a two term state Senator. It is time for de Blasio to start thinking big and without the crutch of the Clinton dynasty to fall back on, the myth is that 2008 was just a different time, people wanted change. The fact is that by 2016 people will want even more change and to let the far-right be the ones to define this change would be a sin against all humanity.  

During the Talking Transition project there was a big Town Meeting in the end of it in which de Blasio supporters were given issues to vote on in order for them to feel as if they were part of the administration , and that their input would matter. Yet the top issues, one of which was the issue of housing and homelessness was not specific as to the solution, yes the voters said it was a problem. There can be no more genocidal solutions and Bill de Blasio can have a greater legacy then just being a coward and a criminal. He must make bold statements against the perpetrators of the problems, not just corporations but actual citizens who run them and who have gotten away with murder just because their form of it is legal. Stop blaming the victims by pretending that their circumstances are a result of supernatural occurrences as is and has been done for many years. This is psychological and political warfare, and the question is what side will de Blasio be on, the 99% or the 1%. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hate Speech and Racism Passes as Comedy in the U.S.

Photo: Kenny Vena

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@gmail.com)

On November 9th, 2013 there were massive demonstrations by brave Chinese Americans who are standing up to America's discrimination and racism. American comedy has long depended on racism for it's survival, it was common practice to make racist jokes against minority groups throughout this country's existence, and because of this kind of comedy we had lynchings and all kinds of bullying of black Americans. Eventually the discrimination against blacks, stemming from an earlier system of slavery was so intolerable that African Americans and their allies who empathized with them united against it, culminating in our current situation where we have the first black president. One can also look at the history of anti-Semitism and the roots of the holocaust and how comedic jokes targeting Jews contributed greatly to the German populace's acceptance and their desensitization of the oppression and eventually the murder of Jews. Bullying always starts with what might seem like harmless jokes, but when it is not confronted in it's early stages it leads to greater bullying and oppression whether this is against entire ethnic and racial groups or individuals in a school or prison setting.

The Jimmy Kimmel show in question here is the episode aired on ABC on October 16th, 2013. As part of a skit on the issue of the national debt, a six-year-old boy proposed the idea of solving America's debt crisis by "killing everyone in China." To this supposedly comedic proposal Mr. Kimmel responded, "That's an interesting idea. "He then asked the kids, "Should we allow the Chinese to live?" This segment was not edited by ABC/Disney and therefore the network is just as responsible as Kimmel himself.

One also has to wonder whether there is a purposeful element here by the American administration to foster an environment of animosity between the United States and China, since the war industry can no longer make the case that all those nuclear weapons are needed against terrorists. China on the other hand is viewed as a formidable opponent, and the economists always claim that the world war's are what led to America's prosperity. One thing is certain, a world war is not in anyone's interests except for the weapons manufacturer's as was and is the case today. Yet, now since they can no longer fool the American people, thanks to independent media sources and the internet, the only way for them to actually engineer a war is to create real animosity between people, this was how it was done in the old days in the previous two world wars.

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